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I wanted to introduce myself and provide those who are interested in my work a few links :)

My name is Ora Moon, I’m a fantasy artist and can be found at my web: Artistic Choice * Faery Voice: http://foxora.com and here at LJ: http://orafaerygrl.livejournal.com

Two of my most recent paintings:

Giclée Prints are Available Here: http://fineartamerica.com/shop/ora-moon.html


Medium: Watercolor

Rendered: (C) 04-03-09 Ora Moon

Spring Break:

Medium: Watercolor

Rendered: (C) 03-23-09 Ora Moon

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New York Art Exchange (NYAXE)

www.nyaxe.com connects art buyers to art sellers.
The New York Art Exchange (NYAXE) continues to grow as new features are implemented. The New York Art Exchange, an online marketplace for buying and selling contemporary fine art, enables the art community to capitalize on new digital mediums through technology by connecting artists, gallerists and collectors via the World Wide Web. NYAXE is brought to you by www.myartspace.com, the premier networking site for artists, art collectors, gallerists and others involved in the global arts community. With over 50,000 members myartspace is a concentrated social art site for the art world. Myartspace is one of only three social art sites that have been involved with art fairs during Art Basel Miami.


Synchronized Chaos Variety Webzine's Holiday Charity Art Commission Auction

Synchronized Chaos (http://www.synchchaos.com), a new art/cultural/variety webzine inspired by the mathematical concept of chaos theory (systems with organization that's not easily apparent until you look more closely at their beginnings) is hosting a benefit art/writing auction/sale, where some of our featured artists (or any of our volunteers) will create a personalized piece just for you or someone else, at your request. Great for holiday gifts or a special memento to have at home.

Where the funds go: Collapse )
Our format is modeled on the Sweet Charity art and writing auctions which normally assist causes such as rape/sexual assault survivor services and international relief, and which raised tens of thousands for the Writer’s Guild of America’s Foundation for those experiencing severe difficulties while out of work during last winter’s strike. http://www.sweet-charity.net/

And if you have extra art for a benefit auction please check out the lovely folks at http://www.helphealfran.org - they’re putting on something similar for performance artist Fran Varian who’s ill with Lyme disease.

Artists available for commissions as of November 1st:
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Please comment here if you would like to request any work in exchange for a donation of any amount that you choose. We will provide information about where to send the donation (PayPal, checks, and cash are accepted) - and you may send it directly to the recipients if you choose and you will receive a thank-you letter along with your artwork or other product.

Please repost the link to this art auction and pass on the word - publicity is always gratefully appreciated. We'd also love more artists/authors/others with auction donations! Thanks so much, and wishing you the best.