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The Meeting Place Where Art and Art Lovers Can Meet.

Artisticaly yours...

Revolutionary Art For Sale
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This is a community where real artists and artisans of every medium can post their work to be sold. And Buyer / sellers can find some of the most wonderful and unique art around. Everyone is welcome!

What we're about:

* Providing an open journal for artists to promote and sell their work
* Providing an open journal for collectors of art to request or commission artwork
* Promoting artists and the selling of their original works
* All forms of artistic media are welcome

The Rules:

For Artists:

* Please provide either a link to or an image of the work you are wishing to sell / trade.
* Please include dimensions and price of your work.
* If your image is large, or there are multiple images, please put it/them behind an lj-cut tag.
* Although we encourage artists and artisans to share their work, this forum was created to promote the selling and buying of said works. Please do not use this journal as merely a promotional tool. The work you post must be available for sale.
* Once your sale is final, please comment in your post that the item is sold.
* Sell at your own risk.
* Trades are welcome.
* Please do not claim another artist's work as your own.

For Buyers:

* If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork on display, please contact the artist or lj user directly for inquiries.
* Please do not contact the moderator over a dispute involving a sale.
* Purchase at your own risk.
* If you wish to request a commission, please post the details either in an original post, or contact one of the artists directly.
* If you have a special request, please post in an original post, and include your contact info. Including the amount you're willing to pay is not necessary, but would be a help for those who may be interested in taking on the task.
* Please be courteous when commenting on an artist's work. Flaming and insulting the work of an artist will result in your being banned.